QUADRUS Metalltechnik GmbH

The company

Founded in 1998 by the Gsödl and Prüfling brothers, QUADRUS can now look back with pride over its impressive 23-year history. The company has grown rapidly since its inception thanks to ongoing expansion and double-digit increases in sales every year. Today, our 63,000-m² premises, 27,000 m² of which are occupied by production halls, are home to cutting-edge technologies and machinery that allow us to meet even the most challenging customer requirements with regard to design and delivery period.
  • Additional automated pallet warehouse with a storage capacity of 4,500 t
  • Raw material turnover of 1,000 t steel and 100 t profiles every month

company FOUNDED. Our first production hall (430 m²) was built, the production halls were commissioned and production was started
new warehouse CONSTRUCTED (Warehouse II, 190 m²)
another new production hall CONSTRUCTED and COMMISSIONED (Hall III, 1,008 m²)
office RELOCATED to the new office building in Hall III
new warehouse (Warehouse IV, 190 m²) CONSTRUCTED
our third production hall COMMISSIONED (Hall V, 340m²)
our fourth production hall (Hall VI, 2,160 m²) and third warehouse (Warehouse VII, 1,500 m²) COMMISSIONED
new logistics centre in Hall VIII (2,380 m²) CONSTRUCTED and MOVED INTO
new production hall (Hall IX, 9,220 m²) with automated sheet metal storage system CONSTRUCTED and COMMISSIONED
Hall IV and Hall IX EXPANDED (roofed loading and unloading point for raw materials)
new staff car park CONSTRUCTED (300 parking spaces)
narrow-aisle warehouse in Hall IX CONSTRUCTED and COMMISSIONED
NEW CONSTRUCTION of the fourth warehouse 10 (1440m²) and seventh production hall 11 (2450m²)
Commencement of operations and occupation of production hall 11 and office building

Our mission

ISO 9001 Our continuous quality assurance spans all stages of the production process. It guarantees our customers maximum efficiency at every point in the order fulfilment process. QUADRUS is also fully certified in line with the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

‘We have been laser-cutting, welding, punching and bending metal for our customers from industry, trade and a variety of different sectors for 26 years. And, it doesn’t matter how unique or diverse their requirements, we always deliver the same thing: quality!’

QUADRUS or Quattro?

The name QUADRUS stands for an unusual business concept. Just like the Quadriga – the ancient chariot drawn by four horses – and four-wheel drive vehicles, QUADRUS is also managed by four managing directors with equal rights and responsibilities who are in charge of QUADRUS Metalltechnik’s fortunes.

These four managing directors work as a team to determine the manner, speed and direction in which the company moves to achieve its corporate goals:

  • Active collaboration with our customers
  • Creating ground-breaking solutions
  • Fast, on-time production and delivery

Just like a four-wheel drive, our management team also makes sure that the company is financially stable and grounded. The result has been ongoing dynamic growth since the company was founded.

Whether we call it Quattro, Quadriga or QUADRUS – the concept provides our customers and clients with a unique range of benefits:

  • Expert contacts always available
  • Short decision paths
  • Team-generated, customer-oriented solution proposals

Our team: qualified and motivated.

As a service provider, we first and foremost consider ourselves to be an extension of our customers. Orders generally need to be processed very quickly.

However, we must still deliver top quality products regardless of the time pressure involved. And this is the service that our customers expect, that we have been delivering for 26 years and that we will continue to deliver in the future. One of the key factors that allow us to successfully process even the most complex of orders is the high level of qualification and dedication in our team. As our customers’ requirements have gradually increased over the years, so has our team’s technical expertise. New tasks present technical challenges that we solve as a team.

This is why QUADRUS makes sure that there is transparency across all company divisions and offers its employees scope for professional and social development. Cooperative teamwork and shared successes are the foundation for ensuring a successful economic future.

At present, QUADRUS’ team is made up of approx. 375 qualified staff.