High strength steel welding

Higher and high-strength fine-grained steels, i.e. structural steels with a nominal yield strength in excess of 355 MPa, are becoming increasingly more important in steel construction.

While steels of these kinds have long since been used in sectors such as construction machinery production (e.g. mobile cranes), they are now also increasingly being used in traditional steel construction, structural engineering and bridge construction.

In 2018, we set up a separate production line – welding technology line 3 high-strength – to create the right conditions for welding these kinds of steels.

We also took the following measures

  • Welders’ qualification tests in accordance with ISO 9606 with composition FM2
  • Additional welder performance qualification records (WPQR) in accordance with ISO 15614/3 x automatic/8 x semi-automatic
  • Separate welding instructions in accordance with ISO 15612 with additional work instructions and inspection plans