Laser welding

Laser welding is suitable for producing virtually all common weld shapes that are created with conventional welding methods.

This new technology allows us to cover an even greater range of products and opens up an incredible wealth of new possibilities for supplying our customers with even higher quality products.

Laser welding is a metal joining technique that involves high welding speeds and very low levels of thermal distortion. It produces durable, impermeable and neat welds with thin seams. The use of shielding gases, such as nitrogen, argon or helium, produces smooth, shiny weld seams free from any soot or oxide that generally do not require any additional finishing.

Our machines

1x KUKA laser welding robot (Typ KR90 R3100 extra HA)
Number of axles: optik8 axes effective (11 axes in total)
Turntable: 2-axis tilt and turn module on each side
Laser: 6kW fiber laser
Optics: KUKA MWOI with motorized collimation and wire feed equipment


1x KUKA  laser welding robot

Examples of our services