Manual welding

Welding is another of our core competencies on top of laser cutting, punch nibbling and bending.

Our extensive welding experience coupled with our premium top-quality machines allows us to fulfil our customers’ demands for clean and high-quality welds.

All the machines in our manual welding stations are fully digitised and microprocessor-controlled Fronius welding machines. These machines allow us to cover MIG and MAG welding, TIG welding and stick welding procedures.

Perfect results thanks to experienced welders and cutting-edge equipment.

  • Fully automated welding system
  • MIG/MAG/TIG welding
  • Spot welding
  • Stud welding

Our machines

3D tacking and welding tables with rail system
3D tacking and welding tables with rail system

3D system tables for workpiece assembly

The universal 3D work and welding table fulfils all requirements for both horizontal and vertical applications.
Precisely, swiftly, and in no time at all, we assemble our parts using this modular system: machine housings, racks, frames, cross beams, consoles, railings, stairs, gates, switch cabinets, sheet metal cladding and much more.
Conventional fixtures, which are complex and cost-intensive, are thus a thing of the past. With this system, we achieve fast, precise adjustment and setting of the target dimensions for every workpiece. Our individual welded parts are clamped at the corresponding surfaces or points during the tacking and welding process, thus ensuring the optimum position.

3D system tables for workpiece assembly

7x SEVERT turning and rotating positioners

By using the turning and rotating positioners, it is possible for us to easily turn/rotate even large assemblies to not only make work easier, but also to be able to reach every last position with the welding torch.

7x SEVERT turning and rotating positioners

52x MIG/MAG welding machines
52x MIG/MAG welding machines

Separate stainless steel welding station

Combined welding islands

Autogenous and induction alignment methods

1x Stud welder

Stud welding with tip ignition has successfully been used worldwide for years.
Studs up to a maximum diameter of M12 can be welded. The welding process is carried out by discharging a capacitor bank within a very short time of 1 -3 ms (0.001 - 0.003 sec.) via the ignition tip of the welding elements.
This process has proven to be very effective in e.g. vehicle construction, sheet metal processing, and decorative metal design.

1x  Stud welder

1x resistance welder

Resistance welding is a thermoelectric process in which heat is generated at the attachment point of the parts to be joined by passing an electric current through the parts for a precisely controlled period of time.

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