Warehouse logistics

Our fully automated sheet metal storage system and semi-automatic pallet storage system mean we are perfectly equipped for offering just-in-time production.

Thanks to the many different types of sheet metals and materials we keep in stock, we can always guarantee trouble-free production without any delays caused by a lack of raw materials.

Do you need help assembling large modules? No problem! Thanks to our narrow aisle racking system, we can store a large number of pallets at short notice and retrieve them again at any time.

Our machines

STOPA fully automatic sheet metal storage
Storage height:
8,550 mm
Storage capacity: 4,550 t
Storage spaces, large format (GF) 1,260
Storage spaces, oversized format (XF) 154
Sheet format: max. 4,000 x 2,000 mm

QUADRUS has taken a giant step in the field of process automation with a fully automatic sheet metal storage system from STOPA – one of Europe's leading premium manufacturers of automated storage systems for sheet metal.
In addition to the laser machines, our punching-nibbling system is also connected to the storage facility, and is automatically supplied from the rack. Apart from a storage station for the raw sheets in the rack, with the simultaneous option of retrieving raw sheets or already lasered/punched parts, we are able to retrieve cut parts via three separate retrieval stations.
As an expansion option, we have two further connection options for laser machines and/or bending robots (bending cell). A stock posting is always entered into the system for each movement in the storage facility, both for storage and retrieval operations, as well as for delivery and collection at the individual machines. This posting is transferred to our ERP/PPS system, thus guaranteeing a reliable material supply without downtimes as a result of missing raw material.

STOPA fully automatic sheet metal storage

Storage station (also unloading station)

Basically, this station is used as a storage facility for the delivered sheet metal. However, it is also possible to remove sheets from the storage system.

Storage station

3x Retrieval lines (with 3 stations each)

On each of our three retrieval lines, we have the option of depositing the material at three different stations. This consistently ensures that the process proceeds smoothly when removing lasered sheet metal parts, some of which have already been pre-sorted by the laser and punching machines.

Shelf access equipment (RGB)

This carriage is responsible for the storage movements in the sheet metal storage facility itself. It is controlled by a PLC, which receives the necessary movement data via an interface from our ERP/PPS system.

Shelf access equipment (RGB)

Narrow aisle racking system
Floor space:  27 x 13 m
Storage height: max. 7.5 m
Storage locations:  1350 
Storage capacity:  1,215 t

Our new racking system, in combination with the right industrial trucks, ensures an even smoother flow of materials at QUADRUS.
We have customised the racking system from the standard solution to directly meet our needs. With a picking and transfer line along the entire length of the racking, work can be carried out simultaneously at several points in the warehouse without people and machines getting in each other's way.
The floor space is small, but the entire height of the hall is used, which now enables us to provide a large number of storage locations. In turn, this reduces the material buffers at the individual production cost centres, which can now be used for other purposes in production.

Narrow aisle racking system

K mod

The state-of-the-art electric forklift from Linde is used for all movements in our narrow-aisle high-bay warehouse. The K mod enables a high turnover rate for both picking and handling processes.
The driver is assisted by the semi-autonomous driving of the K mod. The operator simply has to select the storage location, which the forklift receives via an interface from our ERP/PPS system. Via specially developed software, the K mod receives the commands and automatically navigates to the storage location.

K mod